Between Pages: “Not this one”, a book moving lives.


Ndaedzo Neville Nethonzhe, born in Vuwani, Limpopo, well known by the name “Triple N” graced South African television screens during a television reality show called “Daddy 24/7”, based on the lives of four first time fathers between 25 and 35 years old, with their toddlers. Ndaedzo has also been a journalist at various popular radio stations, Jacaranda FM, Kaya FM and Talk radio 702. Today, Ndaedzo is making people across South Africa turn pages across his newly released book titled “Not This One”.10607975_792285064179544_1739651899_n

This motivational true story, released on World Book Day on April 23, 2015, has already got social networks across the country buzzing, before it is even launched. This 29 year old gentleman, fashionista, Qualified Senior Journalist working for eNews Channel Africa, Businessman, Published Author and Public figure has left many people’s hearts touched with his compelling life story.

A story he had been avoiding for years, fearing to open up to the public. A story about wrong relationship decisions that many people face, a journey about how two people who were once lovers turned into enemies, and through the strength of forgiveness, managed to become friends again. He even goes on to speak about his relationship with God and how important that is in his life. This is  a story about love, death and tragedies that can break or make a man. He takes us into his journey of fatherhood, speaking of his daughter Omphulusa Nethondzhe (6) and the daily struggles and pleasures of being a single father.

In the book “Not This One”, Ndaedzo shares the trials and tribulations of his life, he shares with us how he lost his mother in a car accident, where the parents had just left from visiting him at varsity and were making their way home. The day that in many ways, was the turning point of this young man’s life. He talks about the struggles endured by being raised by a single father, together with his two siblings, and how his life has had many setbacks, that today, he views as the building blocks of his life.

This gentleman takes us on an emotional journey of his life, and shares his experiences on the multiple accidents he has had in his life. One being a knee accident and the other being a car accident and losing his eyesight through stress. Ndaedzo opens up about some of his struggles, his financial setbacks, and even how at one point he lost a valuable relationship due to the common struggles that couples go through.

Today, this public figure walks into a room and when he converses with people, one could almost swear that they have been friends for years. His bubbly personality is one that has no sign of past hurts.

Asked by Nunnovation what his core values in life are, Ndaedzo says, “I always make one year goals. Those goals ultimately lead to the bigger picture once achieved. I think long term goals are unsustainable because we sometimes tend to lose focus along the way. I’ve always said that I want to leave this earth knowing that I have made a change in other people’s lives, if that’s an aspiration, then I think I’ve achieved it. I still want to change more lives though. The above is the main reason I wrote my book. I wanted to show people out there that no matter what stumbling block you come across, you can still rise up above the rest.”

As he goes on to share what the biggest challenges of writing “Not this one” were. He explains, “The biggest challenge in writing the book was worry about how it would be received by the general public.  I also had to make sacrifices in order for me to be able to self-publish the book. Self-publishing comes with financial implications.”

When asked to define success, he responds, “Success should be personalised. I don’t believe in success based on another individual.  I think that is where most people fail. I am driven to success by two things, my daughter,  she’s the reason I wake up every day and do what I do.
Secondly my love to make a positive impact in other people’s lives. Everything I work towards is based on wanting to change a life.”

This is a well-rounded young man whose core value in life is respect, as he believes that, “in order for one to succeed in life, you need to have respect for yourself and others. And above all, one should remain humble at all times, no matter how up the ladder you climb”.

If you are not amongst the list of people reading “Not this one”, then surely there is something in your life that you are missing.