SA Actresses Launch African Streaming TV Network, AzaTV




Stephina Zwane and Salamina Mosese, co-founders of Sorele Media

AzaTV goes live tonight…

Salamina Mosese and Stephina Zwane are no strangers to South African television. Both practically grew up in front of our screens in their roles as presenters and actresses – particularly in SABC’s educational programme, YoTV, and sitcoms Abo Mzala and Scandal, respectively. The powerhouse combination of media personalities and Sorele Media founders are aiming to build a name behind the scenes with the launch of a new online TV network.

AzaTV (Aza meaning “powerful” in kiSwahili) will be launched today under Mosese and Zwane’s company, Sorele Media.

“We have been friends since our teenage years. “Going into business together was the natural thing to do since we were both in the media and entertainment industry and we love working together. We also have the same passion for the industry and for Africa as a whole,” said Zwane.


AzaLogo2AzaTV was inspired from wanting to see more content by Africans, for Africans on the go,” she enlightened. “It is for the Afropolitan on the go as it’s targeted to deliver the very best in entertainment, lifestyle, talk and inspirational content. more discerning 21st century consumer with a specific interest in African content.”

Sorele Media employed the services of a company called NovoSense to work on the network’s technological aspects.

With their experience on and off screen, the duo have an expansive outlook on who their target market is and what they would expect to see unpacked on screen. However, dealing with new media, especially online TV, has been the biggest challenge for them.

“This is because we are a new brand and getting certain stakeholders on board is a challenge regardless of our gender,”added Mosese.

Stephina Zwane and Tumisho Masha on the Preview of AzaTV episodes
Stephina Zwane and Tumisho Masha on the Preview of AzaTV episodes

Content on Aza TV will include originally-produced local content such as Aza Muzika, Yummy Mammi and The Sit Down and content from the rest of the continent will be added at a later stage to appeal to a vast audience.

The online TV network is slowly seeing a rise in African entrepreneurs launching their own networks, but this didn’t phase Mosese and Zwane as they’re mapping out their own journey, they said.

The beauty of the online space in Africa is that it is new and relatively untapped. Everyone coming in has the ability to carve out a niche market for themselves. We are not necessarily competing with other companies

About AzaTV’s future, Mosese and Zwane hope the network will be able to reach a wider audience on the continent and beyond and become synonymous with quality programming that celebrates Africa in all its diversity.

AzaTV goes live today and you can catch it on