Exploring Africa… Morocco


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATake a flight or a cruise and land in the North African country of morocco, a country that is bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea; a country which is distinguished by its Berber, Arabian and European cultural influences. The kingdom of morocco led by King Mohammed VI, is one of the most interesting countries in the world, ranging from the culture, history, cities and their tourist attraction sites.

The Culture

Art has been the trademark venture in morocco, the art of this country is truly special. There are so many different ways that the people express themselves – in carpets, clothing, jewellery, ceramics, sculpture, painting, carving, and calligraphy. They even hold an international art festival once a year to showcase all their talent.

Cuisines are also some of Morocco’s cultural items, Moroccan cuisines are as diverse as its culture. But it is important to know that Most Moroccan food is eaten with the hands. If you are invited to join someone for a meal, you should always eat with the right hand as the left is supposed to be used for the toilet.

The history

Immeuble_Liberté_à_CasablancaMorocco is home to some of the first ever things built in the world and in the African continent, with The oldest existing, and continually operating educational institution in the world being the University of Karueein, which was founded in 859 AD in the city of Fez, Morocco.

While in Africa the immeuble Liberté is the first skyscraper to have been built in Africa, the 78 metres long skyscraper is found at the Greater Casablanca city, Morocco was built in 1948 during the French rule in morocco.

The Cities

Home to some of the famous cities in Africa, Morocco has traditional looking Arabic cities with blend of modern city looking cities. The city of rabat is the capital of morocco, while the well-known Casablanca is the largest I morocco.

Marrakech, which is the second largest city in morocco is the city of entertainment. In the centre of Marrakech is a square, Djemaa el Fna, which is the operating point for entertainers such as acrobats, drummers, dancers, pipe musicians, comedians and storytellers. Marrakech is also known as “the land of god”

1280px-View_over_Sale_Suburb_-_Rabat_-_MoroccoThe North African country (kingdom of morocco), with its diverse cultures and wonderful cities is an example of countries which symbolizes the greatness of Africa, full of possibility, the kingdom of morocco is a peaceful and friendly place, liveable and developing country in Africa.