Celebrating Game Changers: Johannesburg’s 25 year old Multimillionaire


Young Entrepreneur Making Strides…

25 year old Murendwa Mmabasotho Mukwevho is one of Johannesburg’s youngest multimillionaires. She is the owner of various businesses that deal with printing and logistics.This young lady, despite having lost her mother as she gave birth to Murendwa and her twin brother, she has made it to the top regardless.

Murendwa’s twin brother is a doctor based in London and Murendwa, even though her childhood dream of becoming a nurse which never prevailed, remains in Johannesburg, running businesses on a daily. She speaks about the influence that her family has had on her, as she was raised in a family filled with Entrepreneurs. A family that owns various businesses such as mortuaries and butcheries. This is a young lady that was raised by a single father, who happens to be quite the businessman himself.

Murendwa’s company is called Mukwevho Enterprises, this company renders services of transportation around Gauteng and neighbouring countries. Having started fully running her business at the age of 21, Mukwevho today, has a fleet of trucks that deliver furniture to customers from various shops. It was through courage and her father’s help that she managed to get this company off the ground, and today, it has been running for four years. Apart from this business, there is another business franchise that this young lady owns, which is run by her father’s friend, located in Chicago, IL.11116304_763817330382508_1037141648051240003_n

Mukwevho is also a proud owner of a company called Phomolong Guest House, which is based in Maseru, Lesotho. A neighbouring country. She also owns a company called PMN Properties, which deals with buying land and developing properties which are sold and rented to residents. She owns a printing service and internet café as well, called Morenda Printing Services, and it is here that young children are taught how to read. So not only is she a businesswoman, but she is a social entrepreneur too. There is another company owned by Mukwevho, and this company is called MNM Events, which specialises in events planning. We can’t help but wonder how she does it all.

Many would be shocked to also find that, despite having to run all these businesses, this young lady is also an employee at the South African Broadcasting Corporation. It is here, that Mukwevho is an editor, and this is a job that she truly loves and does not plan on leaving it.

Mukwevho was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, as she elaborates on how her father set rules a long time ago, telling his children that his money is his money, and that, if they wanted money themselves, they should work hard at it. Today, both Mukwevho and her twin brother are well of in their careers, and well…she is Johannesburg’s 25 year old multimillionaire.