Exhale. Stop, you’ve had enough alcohol. Now there’s a Gadget for that!


exhaleDriving under the influence of alcohol is one of the biggest threats to safety on the roads. We’re all aware of the ordinary alcohol level tests used by traffic officers which are pretty standard but it wouldn’t hurt to have something more innovative used for the same purpose. I present to you Exhale Alcooltest– a 3D printed gadget that informs you when your alcohol consumption is higher than what the law allows.

Most of us enjoy having a good time, having one or two drinks but the problem lies with some of us not knowing when we’ve had enough. The beautiful thing about Exhale Alcooltest is that it is connected to an Android App by Bluetooth 4.0 meaning you can take the test wherever you are.

This gadget was made by a group of incredibly intelligent Romanian students who are all passion about robotics and engineering. It’s equipped with high accuracy alcohol sensors making it more effective than your ordinary alcohol level tests. It is easy to carry, comes with a rechargeable battery and in just one cycle of battery, can go up to 50 uses. Did I mention that it not only informs you about the level of alcohol in your breath but goes as far as giving you accurate information about the level of alcohol in your blood? Not only that, but it tells you how long you should wait for your alcohol levels to drop before driving and it tells you what type of food to eat to lower your blood alcohol levels. Pretty cool, right?

The Romanian students behind this gadget, which is currently just a project, are now trying to get funding in order to officially launch the gadget.

Hopefully, this gadget coupled with self-driving cars will result in less car accidents on the roads. Safety first!



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