Business Seminars for township based Youth of Johannesburg


Young entrepreneurs launch Siyabangena Seminars

Limitless Holdings in partnership with The City of Johannesburg will launch a series of township-focused business seminars targeting aspiring young black entrepreneurs. South African black SMME owners are generally preceded by a stigma of lack of quality, excellence and good time management; and at times struggle to break-through beyond the introductory phase despite having a phenomenal business idea. This issue was recognised by Sbusiso Hlongwane, CEO of Limitless Holdings, a young entrepreneur who conceptualised the seminars believes it is critical to address the way black SMMEs are generally viewed by corporate.

“You enter through their doors and you already have everything against you; you’re young and you’re black. Which could easily translate to; you’re inexperienced and will waste our money and time.” Sbusiso explains. “It is essential that young black entrepreneurs go about their business with the confidence of an older corporate white male and attack like a lion that refuses to lose.”

“Siyabangena” which is a popular term used by the South African youth is indicative of the style the seminars will take on. The youth says “Siyabangena” when they are about to do something they know will come with some challenges but will go ahead anyway to prove a point they too can and will do it.

The seminars will have high-end speakers that young black entrepreneurs can relate to and they will focus on giving tools to the entrepreneurs that will give black SMMEs the know-how on how to break boundaries and excel.

Seminar Details:

Date: Thursday 4 June

Venue: Soweto Theatre, Soweto



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Twitter: @SiyabangenaSA

Instagram: @SiyabangenaSeminars