Thought Leadership Conversation – You Are Invited


“Innovation” is the buzz word right now globally, but what does it really mean? Well according to Google “innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization”. People like Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs also had their own ideas of what innovation really is, furthermore the role of innovation in the time we living in. The Innovation Summit is set to host their very own Thought Leadership session on Innovation on June 15th 2015 as a build-up to the biggest innovation summit in Africa which will take place in August.

“Innovators, Trendsetters and thought leaders have been involved in the roll out of our 2015 SA Innovation Summit. There is an upcoming event to encourage thought around innovation best practice, tools to launch new ideas to the market and the best possible ways to support innovation in South Africa” said the Innovation Summit organisers.

The Thought Leadership event has a very diverse and exciting programme and one of the sessions is proudly brought to you by Henley Business School. Henley Business school is partnering with the summit to ensure an incredible learning experience through Slaves of the Rhythm session on 15 June at innovation Hub and at the summit in Cape Town on 26/27 August.

Henley Business School, is the only international business school that boasts triple-accreditation status from the foremost accreditation bodies in the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA, along with accreditation by South Africa’s Council on Higher Education.Pic Thought Leadership

Slaves to the Rhythm, in partnership with Henley Business School, is a new concept in edutainment performed by two internationally acclaimed musicians – Barry van Zyl, drummer for the Johnny Clegg band and Josh Hawks, bassist for Freshly Ground. Slaves to the Rhythm is an innovation workshop that links music, narrative, audience participation, history, humour and insider stories in an energetic performance that addresses creativity in business.
Van Zyl said: “Our workshop is based on the journey of the modern music industry, plus our personal journeys as SA musicians with international performing careers. Millions of Africans were transported to the new world via the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, resulting in a huge loss of talent from the continent. The music that was born out of this period created the music industry as we know it. This was African creativity and innovation at work. The modern music industry was created out of this African innovation.”
Innovation Summit Lead
“The workshop draws parallels in commercial terms and how this relates to innovation in business. It uses music and other mediums to encourage business people to think out of the box and encourages South Africans to embrace their cultural roots.”

The Thought Leadership event building up to the summit has a really great appetizer with speakers such as Ludwick Marishana and Davis Cook just to name a few. If for some reason you wont make the main summit we suggest you make your way to the Innovation Hub 15 June 2015, who knows, the innovator in you might be unleashed.
Register today if you don’t want to miss this brilliant event, go to you can also register for the main event being The Innovation Summit which is set to take place in August at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town.