FNB Launches a Mobile Network


FNB-SIMWho could have ever thought that we would have a mobile network by the name of a bank? Now say Hello to FNB Connect.

The First National Bank (FNB) is set to become the first financial institution in South Africa to launch a mobile network.

FNB Connect is launching a mobile virtual network operator on June 15 that will roam on Cell C’s infrastructure. Ravesh Ramlakan, chief executive officer of FNB Connect, highlighted that the idea launching of the bank’s mobile network has been going on for a period of 3 years.

The bank plans to sell 24-month voice, data and SMS contract deals as well as a “flexi” option that allows clients to customise their own contracts in terms of time periods and offerings.

FNB Connect has also promised that the customers will get up to 40% back in eBucks on total spend of which will commence from July 1.

To date, 4 000 people have been testing the network, Ramlakan said. Customers of FNB Connect will be able to order SIM cards via the bank’s online banking portal and even via branches and cellphone banking.

Though the response has been quite positive, we do not intend competing with the mobile operators … we’re ready to go to offer this to our customers and move the bank’s digital ladder

dotFNB_sales-podFor its prepaid offerings, FNB Connect plans to charge R0.95 for voice calls per minute, R2 per megabyte and R0.50 per SMS. The company is also selling 1GB data bundles on all plans for R145 and 2GB data bundles for R245. Due to the fact that a major part of its business involves granting credit and collecting on that credit and, this is the perfect platform to offer deals on cellphones.

The perks of the new network include:

  • FNB customers will also be able to view the status of all their mobile devices and contracts on their online banking profile under the tab named “My SIM’s”
  • Limits on your contract can be personally set.
  • The online banking profile also enables you to port your existing phone number to your FNB SIM.
  • Since the Regulation of Interception of Communications Act (RICA) is subsumed under the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) – and as a banking customer you are automatically FICA-compliant – you won’t have to RICA your SIM.

As part of the launch, FNB will be offering free delivery on SIMs within three working days.

As one of South Africa’s ‘big four’ banks, FNB continues to show us why they are the smartest bank as they are constantly serving their customers.



  1. Very Bold move on the banks part…
    Good thing its backed by an existing
    reputable Mobile Operator…

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