Standard Bank soon to launch an Apple Watch App


unnamed-4-658x370Standard bank is launching a banking app which will feature on a smart watch, the app will be available on the Apple Watch by the end of September, the bank has just announced. This is in the banks attempt to be the first local bank to build an app for the highly anticipated Apple Watch, one of the most advanced wearables currently.

The Bank has announced that the app is in the development phase, with the aim of building a banking app which will be fast and easily accessible to run on the device. The bank recently enabled biometrics on the iPhone which allows customers to access their accounts using Apple’s Touch ID, the fingerprint identity sensor.

“We are continuously looking for ways to make our customers’ lives easier and to make banking a seamless part of their daily lives.  With our smart watch app we are providing greater choice to customers about how they would like to stay in control of their finances,” head of Digital Customer Solutions at Standard Bank. Magnus Taljaard, has said.

Among other features in the Standard Bank’s Apple Watch app is called Balance Peek, this feature allows you to view your account balance without having to log onto internet banking or to the app on your smartphone.

“Balance Peek on smart watches is perfect for those moments when you need to quickly and unobtrusively check your balance,” Taljaard added. Although this Apple Watch is not yet officially made available in South Africa yet, the bank still has time to finish off some work on the app.Taljaard further explained that: “The Apple Watch app will be followed by similar rollouts for Android Wear-enabled watches later in the year,”

Standard Bank which is available and operates in 17 African countries, is yet to announce if the app will be made available to all the other countries.