SA Man Builds Himself a Helicopter from Scrap Material


ee0897d971c84ceba3152a8048e79da9 (1)As much as we dream of becoming certain things in life, sometimes lack of resources cause us to give up on those dreams and to settle for less than what we hoped for.  For Vusimuzi Mbatha however, this was not the case.  Giving up on his dream to fly a helicopter was not an option for him.  The unemployed 35 year old man from Rustenburg, South Africa went as far as building his own helicopter to make this dream a reality.

Born in what has become known as “the province of legends” Eastern Cape- South Africa, Mbatha had to drop out of school when he was doing Grade 7 due to financial reasons.  He has always been interested in Science and Engineering but sadly, he couldn’t afford to further his education, which is a sad reality in our country.

Mbatha’s dream of flying a helicopter was rekindled last year during a strike in the North West province where there were military helicopters present. It was during this time that he dreamt he was actually controlling a helicopter.  Determined to make this a reality, he made the decision to build his own helicopter from recycled material.  He started by buying some of the material one by one and collecting scrap, now the finished product proudly stands in front of his shack.

A television set, a radio, clock, motorbike battery and PlayStation control are some of the material Mbatha used to build his helicopter. The passionate dreamer is now calling upon all aviation specialists to test his helicopter before he can fly it.  The 35 year old wants the helicopter to undergo full inspection for safety reasons.  He’s one step closer to fulfil his dream of flying.

Unemployment, financial struggles and lack of resources did not stand in Mbatha’s way of making his dream come true.  His hunger and passion for flying were enough to push him to pursue his dream. Without formal education, he was able to perform an action that usually requires skilled professionals to do.  Mbatha is definitely an innovator to watch out for!