Gautrain to open routes to Mamelodi and Soweto


As the Gautrain celebrates its fifth anniversary this month, officials are proud to announce that there are plans to upgrade the rapid rail system by building new tracks between Mamelodi (east of Pretoria) and Soweto (south-west of Johannesburg).

Jack Van Der Merwe, CEO of the Gautrain Management Agency said that about 200km of new railway line and 18 new stations are planned. The success of the Gautrain continues to flourish.

It was in the year 2000 when then Gauteng Premier Mbhazima Shimaxresdefault (1)lowa announced the Gautrain Rail Link initiative, which was Gauteng Provincial Government’s commitment to the future of the city to invest in infrastructure projects. Since then, the country has seen nothing but greatness through this initiative.

The Gautrain is one of the largest transportation projects in South Africa too, commuters from across Gauteng use this train on an everyday basis to travel to their respective locations. Not only do they save money which could be spent on petrol, but they also save time as the train is extremely fast and also decreases the number of road fatalities as this is a much safer mode of transport, seeing thousands of motorists park their cars and use the train instead.

SG205894“We have now recorded 50-million passenger trips over the past five years so this is a significant achievement for us, In total, I think there has been 300,000 train trips that have been recorded and possibly 1,5-million bus trips that have been recorded,” says Gautrain Management.

The management agency hopes to have a feasibility study completed by the first quarter of next year and would approach Treasury for funding by the middle of next year.

The agency plans to start construction on the new lines and stations within the next two years. This project has been playing a great role in stimulating economic growth, relieving traffic congestion and promoting the use of public transport in South Africa.

South Africa is making progress, and with the Gautrain trying to reach out to previously disadvantaged areas, things can only get better.