Taxi Experience Changes in South Africa: GoMyWay


gomyway-girls-680x510Taking taxis can be a pain, but one location-based smartphone app is hoping that it can help since the potential of the market is enormous. A new app that was launched in 2012 in Singapore, aims to change the whole taxi experience in South Africa.

Founded by four friends: Adrian Wong, Leslie Ng, Ken Ng, and Wee Hong, GoMyWay is an Android app that allows you to share taxis with other people. It works like any other service of its kind such as FindALift; whether you’re offering lifts or looking for a ride, you have to sign up on the GoMyWay website and list the details of your journey.

The app has a seat booking feature that lets passengers connect with drivers to discuss journey details such pick-up and drop-off points and the fare. After the ride, passengers and drivers can “rate” each other according to their travelling experience.

In terms of safety for both drivers and passengers, GoMyWay verifies all users via their Facebook profile, phone number, email and ID number and has a support team that monitors all activities on its service.

Different verification levels including valid ID verification are in order. The more verification you have done, the more likely it is that your request to join someone’s ride will be accepted or that other people will join your ride. The ride also has a support team to monitor activities on the platform.

It has also been highlighted that one might not find a ride at the moment since it’s still early days for the service, but keep checking back over time once rides start appearing more frequently.

“At GoMyWay, we believe travelling should be cheap, fun and safe (a hat-trick really) and we have built this platform to ensure it is. This is not another taxi service. It is simply regular people using their resources in a smarter way,” the company said.

As one of the company’s goal was it to be launched to other parts of the country, GoMyWay has spread like a virus and is now also available in Ghana and Kenya. With Uber, an already successful model existing in the market, it is going to be quite interesting to see GoMyWay trying to kick uber to the curb and make their mark, after all, competition is healthy.