City of Tshwane Launches The Tshwane Innovation Zone


Tshwane Innovation Zone, a hub for entrepreneurs to collaborate and innovate.

We are living in an Era which revolves around innovation, the city of Tshwane spearheaded by the Executive Mayor, Kgosientsho Ramokopa have established an innovation environment which aims to realise concepts and bring those ideas to life.  ‘The zone is the perfect place that is envisioned to be a driving force towards the creation and the promotion of an innovative culture in the city’.

The Tshwane Innovation Zone which is aimed at accelerating radical economic transformation targeting the youth, was launched at the Tshwane Management and Leadership Academy in Pretoria West on Thursday 2 July 2015. With ease of a collaborative culture, the zone will marshal a spirit of collaboration, which will encourage the city’s residents to resolve the challenges they face by means of creative and innovative ways.

IMG_9859TIZ is an initiative which is headed by the City of Tshwane’s Research and Innovation department, led by Zukiswa Ncunyana. Zukiswa has played an integral role in making sure that the youth of the city are not left behind when coming to innovation, with an understanding that some of the greatest ideas come from young minds. The likes of Geekulcha and Water Hygience Convenience were present, showing off some of their innovations to the guests. The Innovation Hub is one of the partners as they have also shown their great belief in supporting the Youth and small businesses.

Paseka Lesolang was one of the speakers, and he shared his journey as an entrepreneur and showed gratitude to institutions such as The Innovation Hub and The City of Tshwane, for having given him an opportunity to realise his dreams and hopes that this space will give life to some of the upcoming ground breaking entrepreneurs.

The Executive Mayor took to the stand to officially open TIZ to the public. Looking back at Mayor’s state of the City Address in April 2013, the Mayor mentioned that, “to us innovation is not just about creative ideas but the implementation of the creative ideas to better the services that we provide to the residents in the city” the Mayor explained.

Amongst other collaborative aspects that the zone brings, it is the unique and exciting approach which focuses on projects that will inspire teams, building morale whilst also strengthening communication and problem-solving skills which will make the Tshwane Innovation Zone tick!

The Mayor has called the Tshwane Innovation Zone as the solution to identifying problems and the key to solving them. The Mayor has faith in the platform although it is still on its initial stage of implementation.

Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, Executive Mayor of the City of Tshwane


It might appear small, but I think ideas that are likely to come out of the platform that we are giving are going to be magnificent!

An informative ‘strategic conversations and trend watch sessions’ activity has been established as a way for ‘purpose driven conversation session targeted at departments that are working towards improving strategy.’ The conversation session will also ‘present an opportunity to network with industry experts for knowledge sharing on innovation trends.’


  1. Thank you very much the Zukiswa for the brilliant initiative. I belive this will solve so many problems that our communities face that the government cannot get to.

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