Ghana launches Africa Mobile and ICT Expo 2015


The steadily growing number of Internet users has been reflected in a steep increase in the volume of online content. Social media applications are contributing significantly to driving Internet use, as more and more people create, share and upload content onto social sites, that is why Africa needs to step-up its game on the ICT sector because it does not only address issues of unemployment, but also helps to upgrade the company’s economy.

project-home-1Following the  programme which was officially launched on June 24,  the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC), will from July 29 through to July 31 be filled with Techies and geeks from across Ghana. You can call it Africa’s version of the West’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES) which is first of its kind to hit Ghana’s capital. This event will help identify the opportunities for job creation, investments, provide solutions to societal challenges, and boost socio-economic transformation at a faster pace.

Mr George Spencer Quaye, Chief Entrepreneur of Coasters Company Limited, said the expo would provide grounds for discussions on Ghana’s own technological advancements and how the nation could make these innovations reflect in socio-economic development.

Quaye said the conference would provide the grounds for deep innovative thinking to influence policy formulation, implementation and regulation.

The event has four main areas; Thought Leadership, App-world, Job fair and Exhibition.

Thought Leadership: These would be addressed by speakers from mobile operators, regulators, consumer brands as well as industries and organisations with direct or indirect link to the mobile technology sector.

The ‘ICT JOB FAIR’ aimed at financially and economically empowering the youth by helping them identify opportunities for employment and job creation in the mobile technology and ICT sectors.

 Expert Desks would be created to give entrepreneurs, graduates and even students the opportunity for one-on-one engagement with successful practitioners within the value chain of Information Communication Technology.

CEKS6y0WAAAXvHSThis segment would also highlight funding of tech start-ups and small and medium enterprises.

The APPWORLD would target young app developers to innovate, connect and network with device manufacturers and investors.

It will also give consumers an insight into what goes into the building of mobile apps.

The government is also working on an ICT Park for businesses as part of efforts to support entrepreneurs operating in the ICT sector.

The Expo will also create the forum for tech devices and consumables manufacturers to launch new products and also give consumers sneak peek into yet to be released products and solutions.