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The SA Innovation Summit has given an opportunity to entrepreneurs and inventors to showcase their ground breaking innovations by giving them a platform to showcase their work with the hopes of winning the grand prize of R50 000 and also exhibiting at ‘Market On the Edge’. Here are some of the inventors that entered, and this is what you can look forward to seeing at ‘Market On The Edge’.



Meet Marlon Green, with this rather eye-catching Multifunctional Universal Wall Socket (MUWS) which effortlessly charges devices with or without being connected to electricity.

The MUWS eliminates the need for additional adapters and has a design to complement any type of décor, unlike the current bland wall sockets that protrude and pose a safety hazard for everyone, especially young children. The Multifunctional Universal Wall Sockets is different in a manner that it has an ability of multi-charging devices simultaneously without reducing the charging output to either device.

The MUWS complements any individual at each level, whether you are a traveller or a domestic consumer at home, the socket will provide with a reliable experience whereby the need for messy cables would be a thing of the past. The built-in travel receptacle makes the plug even more versatile for any hotel or property manager as it caters for more than half of the world’s plug requirements




Meet grethe stark, the inventor who is championing health with the The Bamboo Prosthetic Socket Material. This invention is a greener alternative to fibre glass material that is currently being used in government Orthotics & Prosthetics centres.

The inventions strive to serve the triple bottom line: people, planet & profit.

While fibre glass can be harmful and causes eye & skin irritation and other respiratory conditions, the Bamboo Material is just as strong, durable and eco-friendly. The Bamboo Stump Sock is an alternative to the wool stump socks for amputees. Made from bamboo it has great properties like antibacterial and thermoregulation that enhances the quality of life of the amputee. The technology will revolutionise the Orthotics & Prosthetics industry and enhance neighbouring technologies.




Packed and always ready to go, Rob weidner’s Gold Cart is a premium utility equipment cart for filmmakers and photographers, designed by creatives for creatives.

What the gold cart does is to simplify filmmakers and photographers’ jobs as it ensures that they can pack all the necessary tools wit them when working. As productions get smaller and more modular, filmmakers and photographers need to be able to safely and effectively move their equipment from location to location. A Gold Cart allows you to safely pack up all of your gear and at the same time have an ergonomic working space to make your job easier.

Whether you are shooting on the streets or in a studio, pack all of your gear onto your Gold Cart and prepare to impress your clients with your sleek Hollywood-grade cart. The standout feature of the Gold Cart is how quickly it can pack away. It can be easily folded into itself as a rolling case with wheels, which makes for easy transportation and quicker company moves. Gold Carts have the most intuitive folding process that is easy to learn and quick to do in the fast paced environment on a film or photo shoot.




In a plan to ensure safety for cyclists, with knowledge of road rage accidents and unsafe treatment for cyclists, inventor Ari Seirlis has come up with the Visibility Safety Harness.

The Visibility Safety Harness is a LED illuminating belt/harness to which gives strong and effective visibility for cyclists and pedestrians who use roads in the day and night. The product is light and designed that the cycling shirt, the running vest or the pedestrian fashion t-shirt is still visible.

The belt operates on replaceable batteries to ensure that cyclists will never be caught without power. The harness caters of people of all sizes with its adjustable straps. The Harness can be packed away in a small bag with the total weight of 600g, this makes it appealing to carry for runners and especially for cyclists.

Out of a terrible cyclist death, the visibility belt idea was born out of the unfortunate death of Burry Stander, the world-class South African cyclist who was knocked over by a taxi because the driver claimed he did not see him.

Creating visibility for cyclists is the solution.


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