SA Innovation Summit Speakers



‘Innovation Intelligence,’ is the theme for this year’s SA Innovation Summit. With a key focus on innovation, the summit will host a plethora of seasoned speakers who will be addressing diverse topics in relation to the challanges faced by innovators and entrepreneurs currently. The speakers will be sharing their expert knowledge, as the speakers list is a combination of divers skills sets and expertise of industry captains and game changers in SA.

The key to economic growth now lies in Innovation, and it is important for organisations to continue innovating inorder to stay afloat, a company’s ability to continuously re-invent themselves and stay with the rapidly changing trends in innovation is key. Here are some of the speakers who will be answering some of the most burning questions that pertain to innovation in South Africa and also Africa as a whole. Here is a taste of what to expect from August 26 – 29 at the 8th Annual SA Innovation Summit, which will be held in the Mother City at the Cape Town Stadium.

Lunda Wright


“Driving Innovation Through Crowd-based Collective Financing”

Meet Lunda Wright; an enterprise business and technology consultant as well as a co-founder at Thundafund, South Africa’s leading product-based crowdfunding platform. Passionate about innovation and self-empowerment he is a firm believer and advocate of Self-empowerment needs of Africa. His qualifications includes a BSc(Hons) LLB and a Certificate in Cyber Law.

Prof Roy du Pré


Prof Roy du Pré, a serial educationist of some sort. With 30 years’ experience on all educational levels in South Africa, Prof du Pré is an education specialist and is an author of over 100 publications on various aspects of Education, Higher Education, Education Policy and Development, History and Politics. Professor du Pré is currently the Chairperson of SATTP (South African Technology & Training Platform)

Hannes Heyns



“Bridge The Gap Between Limited Resourced Communities And The Developed World”

Caring for Africa and its people, meet Hannes Heyns the Founder of ‘Easy Wheels’. The reason behind Founding ‘Easy Wheels’ was to develop a cost efficient, durable and easy maintainable motorised bicycle to help connect individuals in rural Africa to the the city through access to their own personal transportation medium.

 Puleng Makhoalibe


 Taking Design Thinking to the Project Management world.

Meet Puleng Makhoalibe, a preacher of creative thinking. With 15 years of using Technology, Puleng has been involved in projects such as The Creative Education Foundation (CEF) which aims at enhancing and creating a generation of creative thinkers. An Author, Masters graduate and currently studying towards Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Business Management, at the university of Cape Town, Puleng is a leader whom in her own way will bring out creativity out of the next generation of innovators.

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