29 Day Countdown To The Innovation Summit 2015, Have You Registered?




The 2015 Innovation Summit, with the theme “Innovation Intelligence”, is a platform where the best of South African, African and global innovators come together to showcase their exceptional talents, innovations and ideas. Where masterminds in the game of innovation collide and cause an explosive result.

This summit seeks to address the mystery of creating that illusive competitive edge through new and convergent thinking. This summit that will be taking place in Cape Town in September, will include a local and international plenary, panel debates, break-away sessions, highly interactive workshops and in-depth matchmaking service, facilitated by industry giants.

Challenges that entrepreneurs, developers, researchers, thought leaders and inventors face on a daily basis will be put on the table of discussion, as well as proposing inventive solutions and powerful tools to overcome these challenges. Those that will be attending this summit, can look forward to leaving Cape Town equipped with knowledge that will carry them through the innovation space in South Africa.

One of the sponsors of the 8th Annual Summit are the SABS Design Institute. They are committed to supporting the realization of new ideas into sustainable enterprises, creating socio-economic value through targeted design inventions.

The SABS Design Institute’s strategic direction is based on the premise that the national design system should utilize the broad nature and bridging capacity of design to address the existing innovation chasm by linking R&D with the user, the market, the social environment for the benefit of the country’s socio-economic growth.

The Design Institute activates the national design system by
• Creating design awareness of the benefits of design with the wider public through exhibitions, awards, conferences, seminars and publications;
• Facilitating design support by implementing programmes to assist businesses and entrepreneurs to use design to improve their businesses;
• Nurturing a new generation of designers by supporting traditional design education (degrees and post graduate courses) as well as providing a variety of design related training courses aimed design entrepreneurs.
The Design Institute realizes its role to influence policy directives to incorporate design as a catalyst of economic equity. In this regard it is facilitating the formalization of design as a critical element of the National System of Innovation.

As innovators across the globe gear up for the 2015 Innovation summit, profound speakers are writing down notes and coming with solutions. Cape Town will be on heat come August 26th.

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