Bicycles as moving billboards are improving lives in Mozambique



Mozambikes-600x350Lack of transportation in Mozambique is still a major challenge, especially in rural areas. To get to school, clinics and even shops- people living in villages have to walk long distances. Bicycles might not seem like a life-changing gift to many of us, but to these men and women who depend on walking to reach important amenities- owning a bicycle is a dream come true. ”Mozambikes’ is an initiative that provides branded bicycles to rural communities in the country. The bicycles are not only solving the issue of limited access to transportation in the area but are also used as platforms for advertising.

Based in Maputo Mozambique, this social venture was founded by Lauren Thomas and Rui Masquita after realizing the need for affordable transportation in the area. The major problem was people not being able to buy bicycles for themselves because of the expensive costs involved. With this initiative however, residents can now buy the branded bicycles at a much lower cost since the companies pay plus minus two thirds of the costs for the advertisement.



Another business model that Mozambikes uses includes allowing local companies to buy the bicycles themselves, branding them with their colours and logos. The organization then allocates the bikes as part promoting social good. The bicycles are put together by Mozambikes employees who have solid experience in working with bicycle innovations.

An important highlight of this endeavor is how it improves the lives of unemployed people in rural Mozambique. With their branded bikes, it is much easier to travel long distances to find employment.