Tech4Africa returns to Cape Town in Year 6 & the local lineup is fantastic!



Tech4Africa is fast obtaining the mantle of SxSW for Africa.  After 5 years of consistently showcasing authentic content, it returns to Cape Town for a day of inspiring and engaging talks.

When Tech4Africa opened up speaker submissions to the community, the takeup was brilliant, and showed that there are many local stories worth a listen.  This year in Cape Town there are 21 sessions and 5 Keynotes, spread across 3 rooms, all at the Cape Town Stadium.

For the Keynotes, Nic Haralambous will be talking about what it’s like to sell a mobile startup and then build an ecommerce company selling socks.  Steve Evans will be talking about the “Underdog mentaility” and what it takes to bring down Giants.  Matthew Buckland will be talking about rethinking media in the content marketing era.  Matty Cohen will be talking about the WooCommerce journey.  Fraser Black and Nicholas Wallander will be talking about the deal behind their deal for SA Florist on Dragons Den.

At the end of the day, StartupGrind will be doing a fireside chat with James Fisher, the entrepreneur behind Snakeboard and Nautic Africa.  In addition to that, Tech4Africa is putting on a Barista competition for everyone to test their coffee making skills with, and is expecting networking to be the focus of the day.

Says Gareth Knight, the founder of Tech4Africa: “This year there is a bumper crop of Cape Town based speakers who have amazing experiences to share, and amazing lessons to impart.  So we’re super happy to see that our speaker submission and voting process it working, and that the stories are starting to come out of the woodwork.  It’s fantastic content, so we’ll see you there!”

Tech4Africa places extra emphasis on networking and social interaction, so, as in previous years, there will be an after party, and delegates can expect the coffee to be free!

Says Knight: “This year we’ve really tried to narrow down the focus of the content to what’s important locally, so we’re expecting a full house and it’s going to be fun!”.

The website can be found at and anyone can register at Tickets are R500.