Fontus, A Gift to Cyclists


5h6j34kh3kGrowing up, I was always told that if you have a headache drink water and they would always say that each time I felt a bit ill, that is when I realized that surely “it” is not called “the source of life” for no reason. Hydration is also a key to maximum performance in any sport. Drinking enough water is the easiest and safest way to ensure that your body is operating the way it should, without putting any pressure on any of the vital organs. It is often, however, especially with outdoor sport activities, that people get carried away, not realizing how far they have gone, and how far the next place for water bottle refill is.

Most bicycles have a place to hold a water bottle, well this isn’t most bicycles. Fontus, a device created by Austrian designer Kristof Retezár takes the standard bottle holder a step further, collecting moisture from the air in order to fill an attached water bottle with clean, drinkable water.

Powered by solar cells, Fontus can collect about half a litre of water with an hour’s worth of cycling and the correct weather conditions.

 Kristof Retezár, the designer behind the incredible invention
Kristof Retezár, the designer behind the incredible invention

Essentially, the solar-powered cooler and the speed of the air traveling through the device condense the moisture in the air. When moist air enters the upper chamber, it is slowed by a series of barriers, which give the air the time it needs to release its water molecules. Once properly cooled, these molecules can turn back into liquid water. The collected H2O then flows down a tube into the bottle.

After 30 trial runs, the designer is confident the invention works. The device will likely come in handy for bikers who don’t have a lot of room to spare and don’t want to make any pit stops.

This technology is just one of the many that are aimed at extracting water from air. Although it is now designed for sports, developments in the way Fontus works, might lead to much greater achievements, especially with the water crisis that is now upon many African countries.