Innovation in Healthcare: Africa’s First Digital Health Accelerator


cofounders_ampionHealthcare in Africa still remains one of the biggest priorities and we can certainly agree that innovation plays a huge role in improving the health sector. The shortcomings that Africans experience in the sector thus provides an opportunity for innovators to come up with new solutions to meet those demands and to improve lives. To provide a platform for generating breakthrough innovations in healthcare, German companies Ampion and Merck have launched a new health-tech accelerator operating from Nairobi in Kenya.

A first for Africa, the accelerator will be taking applications from e-health start-ups that have potential to take the African healthcare sector to greater heights, start-ups capable of creating solutions that will greatly benefit society. “Our goal is to work with people who are starting or have been doing business in the health care sector in the Kenya. Healthcare is of course an important sector in Kenya with many opportunities to venture into,” explained Jan Schafft, Ampion co-founder and head of communications, while launching the accelerator.

untitledAlthough this is new in Africa, such initiatives have been operating in leading countries for quite a number of years and with Africa making noteworthy strides in innovation, the decision to launch the digital accelerator was inevitable. “The launch of the first healthcare accelerator in Africa is designed to be a major boost to healthcare innovation on the continent. Africa has many of the fastest growing technology markets world-wide. For us at Merck, the support of healthcare technology on the continent is important not just in terms of social impact but also as a long-term business investment. We want to become the leading healthcare expert across Africa and spearhead healthcare innovation on a continent on the uprise,” adds Alexander Hoffmann, Project Manager at the CEO’s office in Merck.

The accelerator will provide support to deserving start-ups in Nairobi on an on-going basis. Three start-ups for three months will be chosen at the beginning of each trimester. The program will pay for installation expenses and present investment opportunities for the start-ups.

We look forward to the innovations that will be coming out of this accelerator. Applications are now open for those who believe they have what it takes on Best of luck!