Sheer Innovation- BMW’s New key. The Fob.


bmw-i8-keyfob-images-01-750x500German automobile, Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) has raised the bar to another level that most automobile companies can only dream of. The new BMW touchscreen display key fob has been introduced. Initially, it had been thought to be for the BMW i8. The i8 came and there was no fob, on the standard edition, and just as hope was fading, the fob has been released in 2015 at CES.

Besides all the convenience functions of the remote key, such as unlocking, locking and failsafe identification of the key for starting the vehicle, this premium key fob will show the vehicle status displays on a 2.2-inch LCD screen.

The new BMW 7 Series key allows you to monitor your cars range, location, weather, fuel level, for instance, or the battery electric range. When one swipes the touchscreen with the same gestures used to control a smartphone, it opens up submenus, which will show you whether the doors and windows are locked or a service is due. All this, directly from your pocket.

This revolutionary key fob will be the first to feature a full 2.2-inch LCD Touchscreen. As though that is not enough, the fob will also act as a wireless identification device allowing the car to automatically unlock and even started-up, should that be an option on the model.

bmw-logo-42-HD-ImageFeaturing a lithium-ion battery, the fob will recharge wirelessly in the car when it is placed in its charging tray just in front of the gear lever. Another option that the fob gives you, is to alternatively charge it via micro-USB should you want to top it up wherever you are. The automobile company says that the fob will last up to 3-months on a charge.

Let us await and hope that the fob will extend to other models after it’s initially released on the BMW i8. The fob will be available as an option for the BMW i8 from autumn 2015.

This is sheer innovation, let the rest follow.