MyWorld of Tomorrow – Speaker Paul Maritz


MWOT conference is set to take place in October at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. The conference will provide a platform whereby delegates will be able to hear the informative ideas and approaches of the leading pioneers in innovation. Many different industries will be represented and you will be able witness how innovation is changing technology.


This year, the conference promises to bring industry captains locally and internationally. Meet the first speaker, Paul Maritz is currently CEO of Pivotal Software, a new private company created to enable enterprises with the new product development and open platform capabilities needed for Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things. Pivotal is owned by EMC, VMware and General Electric. Paul was born in 1955 in Zimbabwe and educated in South Africa, where he graduated in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Universities of Natal and Cape Town. He started his working career in the United Kingdom at Burroughs and the University of St. Andrews, and in 1981 he moved to the USA to work at Intel Corporation. In 1986 he joined Microsoft, where he managed the development of many of Microsoft’s core products, including Windows, Exchange, SQL Server and Development Tools, and served as a member of the Executive Team that managed the company. In 2000 he retired from Microsoft, and in 2003 founded a company called PI that was acquired by EMC in 2008. In 2008 Paul joined VMware where he served as CEO until 2012, when he moved to help start Pivotal.

In the non-profit space, Paul served for 10 years on the Board of the Grameen Foundation which supports the development and spread of microfinance and related technologies around the world. He currently supports and serves as on the Board of Mifos, which develops open source software for financial inclusion. He also has an active interest in supporting education and wildlife conservation in Africa.

MWOT will also run various events such as:launchpad

Conference Zone

This is where we unlock future stories, transformational learning and out-of-the box ideas that will shape, demonstrate and illustrate what tomorrow may bring.

Launch Pad Zone

A unique platform accommodating a strong media presence, this space will be used to launch and demonstrate ground-breaking products and concepts.
Exhibition Zone

Designed to showcase your technology and solutions by South Africa’s most innovative companies, these dynamic spaces allow visitors to experience the technology of tomorrow in an informative, engaging and fun way.

Connexion Zone

These collaborative spaces encourage and inspire delegates to connect, interact, network and share their experiences.

If you are in the technology and innovation space, this is an event not to be missed, get your tickets today before its fully booked.

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