Cape Town’s Hotel Verde, The Greenest In The World


hotel-verde-cape-townCape Town hotel, ‘Hotel Verde’ is the greenest hotel in the world. The hotel which is situated just meters away from the cape town international airport has been awarded its second Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum green building certification by the United States’ green building council, making it the first hotel in the world to achieve a double platinum accreditation.

The hotel rightfully is the greenest hotel in the world due to its commitment to environmental sustainability, which includes their living wall, eco pool, wind turbines and green roof which are enviromentally friendly.

The newly certified environmental policy include stringent waste management and procurement policies, a comprehensive series of corporate responsibility campaigns, departmental sustainability, as well as biodiversity maintenance. Hotel Verde had optimised productivity levels through the creation of an entirely carbon-neutral hotel experience for guests and an eco-friendly working environment for staff.

Mario Delicio, Hotel Verde owner explained that “to provide something luxurious and sustainable was not only possible, but it was also a business model worth sharing, with the potential to change lives and the industry as we know it”.

Geothermal-Header-1aThe proceeds from Hotel Verde’s carbon credit purchases currently go to the Kariba redd+ project in Zimbabwe, which works with communities to reduce deforestation, provide training on responsible agriculture and improve the livelihood of local people.

Helen Zille, premier of the Western Cape, congratulated the hotel on the double platinum achievement, “companies such as Hotel Verde have not only committed to doing business which contributes to economic growth, [but also] continue to lead in innovation in the green economy. I have no doubt that these ground-breaking achievements will lead to many more while inspiring many other businesses to follow suit and adopt these best practices.”

HOTEL-VERDE-WIND-TURBINES-3The hotel had first received its platinum endorsement in 2014 in the new construction in the green building design and construction category, making it one of only six hotels in the world and the only African hotel to achieve the award. This second certification has now been awarded for fulfilling the existing building operations and maintenance prerequisites – and it has made Hotel Verde the most environmentally friendly hotel in the world.

It is exciting to see Africa leading in game changing innovations, we hope many other African based hotels and buildings will follow suit.