Mzansi Innovators: Thabo Mashale


We use airplanes for traveling from one place to another, here’s a man who decided that merely sitting strapped by a seatbelt for hours is a waste of precious time. Thabo Mashale is the creator of an entrepreneur’s dream which is doing business while traveling in an airplane, the ‘Unusual Business Breakfast’. There are people who were born to follow, and there are those who were born to lead. There is no doubt that, Thabo Mashale, owner of transportation companies, Temric Travel and Mashale VIP Transport, was born to lead. Thabo is not only an entrepreneur, but he is a business coach too. He mentors people all over and most people may identify this man from a lot of places. He is also featured on various radio stations across South Africa, including Metro FM, Cliff Central and North West FM. Nunnovation took time to get to know the story behind this genius…Fotor_144066902021820

1: Who is Thabo Mashale? Apart from the entrepreneur? Tell us about you. Your dreams, aspirations, where you come from, how childhood was for you etc.

First 13 years of my life I grew up in Phalaborwa Ga-Selwane and later I moved to Tzaneen to stay with my mother. In my time in Phalaborwa I saw my dad building businesses out of nothing and it has always been my dream to do the same as well. He used to own bottle stores, butchery and shops. It was not easy growing up as at times my father’s business were not doing well and starving will be the order of the day.

2: Growing up, which career did you aspire to be in and if you were not where you are today, what do you believe you would be doing?

I wanted to be a pilot, I guess that’s why am obsessed with wanting to host the Unusual Business Breakfast in the plane in October. If I was not doing what I do now I guess I would have followed what everybody is doing and get a nice job and work for the rest of my life while not happy inside.

3: You seem too passionate about entrepreneurship, what is the reason behind this?

I discovered that I am a businessman from childhood. In my father’s bottle store I would buy cigarettes and put them in the bottle store to sell. Out of the profit I was getting I will buy clothes and sustain myself at high school. At the age of 9 I used to assist my dad to sell in his bottle store and as a result I would see how a business is run. My biggest reason is to influence people and create employment in our dying economy.

4: What have been some of the major life challenges that you have come across over the years and how were they overcome?

Challenges have been trying to do everything by myself. I was a driver, admin person, accountant etc. I overcame them by investing in coaching. Now I employ many people and my role is to oversee my businesses and get involved when I want to. Isn’t that awesome?

5; You spoke about an app that would give Uber a run for their money when you spoke at The Innovation Hub at Maxum Mondays, can you please tell us more about this app, the phase it is in right now etc.?

Our Company Africa Ride is developing the app that will be focusing mainly on African people and their needs. We realised a lot of these companies from overseas they build good apps and businesses that do not necessarily serve us as African peFotor_144066906683962ople, so we want to be the bridge. Our app is in the intermediate phase now. You will be the first to know before we launch.

6: What message would you give to the youth of our country that are close to giving up on their dreams because they seem impossible?

Africa belongs to everyone who lives in it! Take charge of your life. You live every day and die once! So be intentional about where you want to be and get help from those who are ahead of you. Success is not a matter of chance but a matter of choices we make every day. Be the change you want to be!

South Africa and Africa as a whole needs more innovators and entrepreneurs like Thabo Mashale who are determined to disrupt the market and challenge the status quo.