Kenyan Student’s Invention may solve Traffic Congestion


Traffic congestion in Nairobi, Kenya is a serious issue that the country’s government has been trying to tackle for years.  Death on the city’s roads as a result of overcrowding is a tragedy t120403033543-lagos-traffic-jam-2-horizontal-large-galleryhat happens far too often in the region. A student from the University of Nairobi, Patrick Waweru, has come up with a software that might just be the answer to that problem.  The Computer Science student has developed a software that will monitor the traffic of parking lots in the city.

According to Waweru, the system uses sensors that have been placed on the streets which detect if a vehicle is parked in a specific area.  “There will be geomagnetic sensors installed underground on the streets and detect earth’s magnetic fields. When a vehicle comes, it will disrupt the field and the sensor will detect and send information to our server,” he explained.

Nairobi’s roads are known for being the fourth-most congested in the entire world.  According to the World Health Organization, road accidents kill more than 13 000 people a year, in Kenya alone. “Much of Nairobi’s road network is more than half a century old and was developed for a city of just 350,000 inhabitants,” explained IBM scientist Dr. Osamuyimen Uyi Stewart.

The software will inform drivers where to park thus reducing the time drivers spend looking for parking space, another reason for the traffic congestion.  This is hugely expected to effectively control the flow of traffic.

Waweru is currently working with government to install the underground sensors but drivers can download the system by simply visiting  It’s an easy-to-use automated system that lets you search for any street and it will show you where to park.

Now this is innovation that will save lives!  We hope that other African cities experiencing the same problem everyday will look into this new software.  African innovations by African innovators, exciting!