Kicking Doors with Sbu Leope


11809822_158157937851592_1636669931_nThe popular saying “you can’t keep a good man down” definitely applies to this South African entrepreneur Sibusiso Leope, better known as Dj Sbu. This man needs no introduction, he’s certainly made his mark and has proved that no dream is too big to achieve, regardless of the hardships that come with the journey.  The proud businessman has recently launched a new TV show called “Kicking Doors with Sbu Leope”, in collaboration with CNBC and Forbes, aimed at developing and inspiring young, upcoming entrepreneurs.

How far would you go to achieve your dreams? What do you do when every door that you knock on slams right in your face? How do you move forward when those in power reject your dreams? These are the challenges that most African entrepreneurs are faced with in the continent and these are the questions that Kicking Doors aims to answer.  The half hour long show focuses on entrepreneurship, leadership and empowerment.  Who better to present the show than the hustler from the streets of Tembisa who continues to rise above all circumstances with his eyes fixed on reaching his goals? “Kicking Doors is a show designed for people like me, who challenge the status quo and break boundaries.. we will usher in a fundamental paradigm shift in the way people think and apply their energies towards accomplishing their dream,” said Leope in a statement.


“This is a ground-breaking deal, I have always wanted to speak to the continent. I’ve always wanted to mingle with business people because I’m a businessman myself. These are global brands and everyone respects them worldwide, and to have a partnership with them means a lot to me”, he added.

The show has 52 episodes and airs weekly on CNBC channel 410.  CNBC Africa’s Executive Director and Head of Programming, Bronwyn Nielsen said: “CNBC Africa continues to explore new programming innovations which help to make business media more universally accessible. Kicking Doors will be our flagship in that regard”.

This is a must-see for all African entrepreneurs, it will push you to do more, teach you to knock on every door and inspire you to become innovative.  Don’t forget to hashtag #KickingDoors410 when you watch.  Also tweet to us @nunnovation and tell us what you think of the show.  Let’s move Africa forward together! We’re all about good news and innovation!