Nunnovation To Represent Africa At The G20 YEA 2015


G20_Turkey_2015_logoThe annual G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA) is back again to empower young entrepreneurs of the G20 member nations. The event which is being held in turkey from 7-9 September 2015 will as usual target the importance of entrepreneurship amongst young people of the G20 member nations.

An alliance of this magnitude is without a doubt educationally uplifting, that’s mainly made possible by the alliance’ summit with which bases its core focus on innovation and technology, investment and access to capital, trade and globalization as well as entrepreneurship among other key focal points.

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Ali Babacan welcomes this year’s event, stating that, “Entrepreneurship has become even more important tool for restoring dynamism during the recovery period after the last global financial crisis”.

Representing South Africa at the event is the Young Entrepreneurship South Africa (YESA), a non-profit Organization movement which exists on a purpose of creating an entrepreneurship environment for young South African entrepreneurs. In partnership with Nunnovation Africa Foundation and Capricorn FM, the trio will be there to promote young entrepreneurship excellence of South African young entrepreneurs.

In its role on ‘promoting the exchange of ideas around entrepreneurship in south Africa’ YESA has programs which are designed to promote thought leaders, develop economic activism and championing progressive change in the South African entrepreneurship sphere.

Ali Babacan also pledged his support of the Summit which highlights what entrepreneurship empowerment movements like YEA and YESA stand to achieve.

“I have full faith in the success of Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit where the problems of young entrepreneurs will be handled and possible solutions will be discussed” Babacan explained.

YESA is a firm believer of networks and its major strategic direction is based on its ability to build a robust network of entrepreneurs and create a strong movement that will be the voice to be reckoned with in championing entrepreneurship around the country. Nunnovation Africa Foundation as a good news platform that continually seeks to bring innovation to Africa will be there to gain knowledge and bring it home to inform, educate and inspire. NAF is a partner to Capricorn FM who will also be there to represent South Africa at the G20 YEA, with a vested interest in the empowerment of the youth and entrepreneurs, Capricorn FM will also be there to capture footage from the summit to broadcast it on their platform upon their arrival. 

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