The Digital Edge 2015: A marketer’s dream!


COclMjmWoAExp0LThe annual Nedbank Digital Edge Live 2015 held on 9 September at the Sandton Convention Centre has passed, but one thing is for certain- all that was shared during the event will remain with each and every marketer/aspiring marketer who attended the event.  An event aimed at bringing together some of the most forward thinking and innovative people in the industry and sharing knowledge with a crowd that understands the value of innovation in marketing, in these digital times. Headlined by Spike Lee, the event was packed with top class speakers and delegates from all over the country.  Themed “Making Stories”, each speaker focused on how to win the hearts and minds of a diverse audience in the digital age.

Dr Sindisiwe Van Zyl, a female doctor who uses social media to share health-related knowledge within the context of HIV/AIDS, was one of the most anticipated speakers.  “My digital storytelling started four years ago out of anger and passion,” exclaimed the doctor while explaining her journey in digital storytelling.  Dr Sindi saw a gap and decided to use digital technology to make a difference, reaching out to people about a topic which sadly many people are still sensitive to.  She now not only speaks to people in Gauteng but  people across the entire continent. “Apart from sharing useful medical information, I am giving people hope,” concluded Dr Van Zyl.

“The challenge is not to get someone to pay attention or notice you, the challenge is to keep them noticing” 

Senior International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) Knight Fellow & Data Editor for ICFJ’s Code for Africa data journalism initiative, Chris Roper, spoke about the data revolution.  Roper maintains that data is the most powerful weapon that enables us to keep authorities accountable.  “Open data allows us to tell our own stories as citizens and to build tools to improve our lives,” explained Roper.

The much anticipated Spike Lee inspired the crowd to always be the best they can be, creating their own stories and not simply imitating what’s being done already.  Spike Lee also urged parents to allow their children to make their own choices in life and to stop being “killers of dreams.” The audience was also given an opportunity to ask questions which the renowned director proudly answered.  

Native VML and Nedbank has done it yet again!