Leash: A device for tracking your personal belongings

Mark Allewell

You know that annoying feeling when you’ve misplaced something important and there’s no possible way of tracking its whereabouts (except ofcourse if it’s a phone).  Well, we might just be a few steps away from eradicating that feeling, thanks to South African innovator Mark Allewell- founder of Bluetooth-tracking startup called “Leash.”

Aimed at easing frustrations when our personal items go missing, the Leash device is attached to an individual’s belongings to keep track of the whereabouts of that particular product.  Using a low power bluetooth connection, the device is paired with the Leash smartphone app available on all Android, IOS and Windows phones.

According to a press release by the start-up, if an item is misplaced, the device will communicate with other Leash devices or users closeby, crowdsourcing information about its last location in an effort to reunite it with the individual.

We all know how frustrating it can get when you lose your car-keys, house keys and sometimes even your handbag.  This device is an innovative way of reminding us where we’ve placed our belongings.

The press release stated that in the coming weeks 1 000 Leash tags will be tested by the public in a closed beta. Should feedback be favourable, Allewell hopes to release as many as 15 000 more Leash tags. The start-up has further called on testers to come forward and help him test the device by signing up on the Leash website.

To sign up as a tester, all you need to do is visit www.myleash.co.za