New Toyota Mirai, Powered by Bull**** – Wait, what?


World’s First Mass Produced Hydrogen powered car

Yes, you heard right.  Toyota is on a mission to normalize “hydrogen cars”, the new Mirai is the stunning result of cow dung turned into bio fuel for automobiles. Hydrogen is believed to be the key to sustainable transportation mainly because it is almost pollution-free and it can be manufactured in large quantities through renewable resources.

Hydrogen-fuelled cars are the future and obviously Toyota agrees, having named the car “Mirai” literally meaning “future” in Japanese.

According to Toyota Global, recognizing hydrogen’s vast potential as a clean energy source, the company is actively developing and producing fuel cell vehicles (FCV). They believe that hydrogen can help them contribute to the next 100 years of the automobile.  To make this a reality and to be able to finally bring the first mass-produced hydrogen-powered vehicle out on the roads has taken years of extensive Research and Development.  Although critics have pointed out the huge shortage of hydrogen-refuelling stations across the world, it is believed that this is a step in the right direction towards promoting hydrogen fuel.


The vehicle’s 5kg hydrogen tanks take only 5 minutes to be re-fuelled.  While it’s already on sale in Japan, the Mirai will soon be launching in North America and Europe.

“The cell, placed under the driver’s seat, creates electricity from an electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and air. Hydrogen gas is compressed and stored in high-pressure tanks at 10,000psi. It is then sent through a membrane that separates hydrogen atoms into electrons and protons. The electrons produce an electric current to drive the vehicle in the same way that a battery drives an electric car,” the Independent UK reported.

The initial goal is to produce 3000 units by the end of 2017.

Waste innovation at its best, the new Toyota Mirai is definitely the future!