CommutaX: South African Commuter Convenience App


image001CommutaX is a commuter convenience platform (Web and Mobile based) that provides commuters access to a portfolio of convenience services through relationships with established service providers. The solution will trade on key differentiators of service efficiency, convenience and integrated communications and billing. Technology will be leveraged to ensure that service delivery will be tightly integrated from billing through to execution and experience in partner & service providers.

According to CommutaX Director & Founder Luthando Garane, “I had a look at the public transport system in South Africa and I realised that there is a huge difference in the way people who use taxis commute from the people who use BRT and mass transit systems like the Gautrain and we began to unpack the different services and needs people have while they are on the move”

CommutaX seeks to create services that will integrate and be useful to commuters and help enhance the overall commuter experience on mass transit systems in South Africa.

KioskCommutaX will enable users to access a few services such as the following: Daily Commuters – The capability of ordering coffee before getting to their destination station. Upon arrival at a station, the individual’s coffee/beverages will be ready.

Garane says that simplicity and convenience is what CommutaX aims to achieve towards providing to commuters.

“The app will make life easier for commuters, by giving them access to services while they commute if you need anything while you’re on the go from Coffee to a cab or the weather caught you off guard and you need an umbrella, CommutaX will provide it for you.” he said.

CommutaX is all about encouraging people to use the mass transit systems like Gautrain and metro bus rapid transit (BRT) systems and leave their cars at home, there by easing the traffic on the roads and changing the experience and the view of citizens about public transport. The application will service the following transport segments, mass transit systems (daily commuters), airlines (frequent flyers) and long distance bus travel.

All services rendered will be debited from the user’s online purse/ accounts on CommutaX which can be topped up via credit or cheque card to use services on the app.

The first phase of their launch will be in Lynnwood (Pretoria) around the business parks and in Melville with their partner E Tuk-Tuks on the 28th of September. The pilot in Pretoria will be free of charge to all users who download the app in the spirit of transport month and introducing the app. People can get the android version of the app on the Google Play store and IOS version is going to be available in less than a month’s time. People can also download the app on the CommutaX website: