Khepri Innovations: An Enterprise Pioneering New Green Technologies


logo1The South African government has been in the forefront when it comes to encouraging the manufacturing of green technologies, hence the country has had to find ways to reduce the emission of gases related to climate change.  Piloting the process of re-using abattoir waste to produce low-cost animal feed, Khepri Bioscience is certainly seizing the opportunity to take advantage of the growth opportunities in green economy.

Founded by a determined young African entrepreneur in the bio-economy, Bandile Dlabantu, the biotechnology company seeks to solve problems within the agricultural, health and research sectors in a feasible way. According to an official press release, the company is contributing to lowering the price of farming animals and the price of food, thus improving food security, contributing to job creation as well as closing the gap between organic waste and farming.

“The company has developed unique technology for the onsite processing of organic waste produced by food manufacturers, abattoirs and the hospitality sector. This technology allows for the reduction of waste volumes by up to 90% and a decrease in waste management costs for the producer.  This waste is used to rear insects which are then converted into low cost and high quality animal feed,” explains Dlabantu.

In 2013, the enterprise won a GAP award- an initiative founded by the UNDP, UNEP and IUCN, recently held in Nairobi, Kenya. They are also finalists in the SAB Social Entrepreneurship Awards and were semi-finalists in the Youth Innovations for Employment in Africa Challenge 2014. Through the amazing work they are doing Khepri won the Gap awards in 2013 and also won the coveted Seed Awards 2015 in Kenya.

“The company is now in pilot phase in partnership with Krugersdorp abattoirs and is selling products into the fish farming sector as well as developing products with its partners for chicken, pig and crocodile market,” concludes the ambitious entrepreneur.

Africa is in need of more innovative entrepreneurs such as Bandile, and with such we have a bright future.