Uganda to Host ICT BPO Conference


Uganda Business Process Outsourcing Association (UBPOA), is an umbrella association for the BPO/ITES Industry in Uganda. UBPOA serves as an advocacy platform for the Industry. With approximately 60 Industry companies registered as members, UBPOA plays a pivotal role in implementing sustained growth for the BPO/ITES Industry in Uganda

The country is to host an international conference on business processing outsourcing (BPO). The event will kick off from 30 September to 2 October 2015.

President of Uganda,  Yoweri Museveni
President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni

“We hope to utilize the conference which will be attended by ICT and outsourcing academicians, practitioners, researchers and policy makers from within the African continent and across the globe, this will give chance to our local ICT experts to learn more about ICT BPO business,” Rogers Karebi the Dial-a-Services Managing Director and one of the organizing committee members told East African BusinessWeek.

He added that the conference will open the eyes of the Ugandan private sector which he said although there are many companies in the private sector, only very few have embraced the ICT BPO platform despite the fact that ICT BPO offers a wide range of economic advantages to the private sector.

Apart from opening up opportunities for the private sector the ICT BPO conference will also be used as a chance to market Uganda’s tourism attractions. The conference has been organized by the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), National Information and Technology Authority of Uganda (NITA), and several other stakeholders from the ICT sector especially telecom companies.

CE9KUMdUgAAapi6When asked if Uganda has enough ICT BPO companies offering BPO, Karebi noted that Uganda has variety of ICT BPO companies which have been contracted to offer both IT and back office services in finance and administration to a range of clients inside and outside.

“Uganda we are not doing poorly but we need is more technical skills on how the sector works that is Uganda Business Process Outsourcing Association (UBPOA) is proud with this conference more skills will be attained by pour members since we expect more professional from India to make presentation How ICT BPO business has been working in India” he said.

Experts believe the ICT BPO business sector if promoted in a country like Uganda, has the potential to create thousands of jobs for young ICT graduates.

Uganda is among one of the countries in the East Africa Community region where students have embraced ICT related courses however those who graduated in different ICT related sectors find it difficult to get jobs