Nanotechnology and Innovation: Rapid-charging smartphone battery in 30 seconds and electric vehicles in 5 minutes


According to Israeli start-up StoreDot, they developed a nanodot which is a nanotechnology product that has the capability to charge a smartphone within 30 seconds, faster than the average charging time for smartphones. The nanodot flashbattery technology is comprised of bio-organic peptide molecules that are known to affect neurons in the brain and cause Alzheimer’s disease. This prototype technology is revealed to have a capacity to pump 40/50 and up 80 amps into a smartphone battery within 30 seconds.

storedot 2
Figure 1. StoreDot 5 minutes EVs Charging

However, this next generation of StoreDot batteries is estimated to cost consumers up to $50 (R650) more than the current average price of a smartphone phone price.

The above notwithstanding, StoreDot has indicated their intention to have a nanodot-based smartphone battery in our stores by late 2016.

In a recent news article by Doron Myersdorf, the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of StoreDot, he indicated that the company is aiming to scale up nanodot battery technology in order to pursue five minute-charging electric vehicles (EVs) with a potential to store enough energy for 480 km of driving.

Please see below are links to the nanodot-based battery charging system videos.

Smartphone: 30 seconds-charging-

Electric vehicles (EVs):  Five minute-charging-

Author: Dr. Steven Mufamadi