October 2015 Geekulcha Vac Work kicks off…


School holidays are upon us, it can only mean one thing in the Geeks world: empowering youngsters with ICT skills, industrial exposure and work on cool projects. A holiday with the geeks, youngsters cross Gauteng will commute to The Innovation Hub everyday proudly transported by the City of Tshwane.

The programme will take place 05 till 09 October at the mLab’s CodeTribe Academy and will house 80 Future GeekStars who are part of the FAB LAB programme and some applied on the VacWork programme’s website future.geekulcha.com. Qualifying candidates were chosen based on their ideas to make their community a better place. Youngsters do not need to be computer literate as capable mentors will be assigned to assist.

October edition of the programme focuses on Flora Apps to get the youngsters appreciate and be involved in the conservation of plant life. In this growing world, ICT is seen as an enabler in many aspects of our everyday life and applications are endless. Geekulcha believes that in order to prepare a better and greener future, we need to equip our future leaders with the right skills that will help them drive the socio-economic and human life development and sustainability. ICT is a vehicle in driving this goal.

iBlameGKFlora life is one of the most crucial aspects of our modern life, we all need to take care of the environment so that it can take care of us – we live in an ecosystem. As the Mayor of the City of Tshwane always say, “we need to ensure that we reduce the carbon footprint”, youngsters must play their role through ICT to make a change for a smarter city.

“We believe that people do better when they know better, therefore it is important that we provide and enable convenient platforms for information and mass-impact action”, says Tiyani Nghonyama of Geekulcha.

Youngsters will build Flora Apps to address issues such as plant knowledge, deforestation, flora care, smart plants IoT systems, plantation conditions diagnosis and others. The solutions will be addressed with the VacWork setup structure that covers mobile apps, web applications development, electronics systems, graphics design and business/entrepreneurship.

The programme is powered by The Innovation Hub, City of Tshwane and mLab Southern Africa in efforts towards stimulating and building Innovators/Entrepreneurs in cultivating a smart city plan with impactful solutions from current technologies and trends.

The Geekulcha Geeks are ready to empower our Future GeekStars, the future belongs to those who are willing and take action to prepare it.

Press Release courtesy of GEEKULCHA