Ecomobility World Festival 2015 off to a great start!


EcoEcomobility is the new top trend in South Africa as the Ecomobility World Festival 2015 takes over the streets of the Johannesburg’s richest surburb, Sandton. Taking place for the entire month of October, this global initiative aims to promote the use of environmentally friendly transport options and to find ways to combat traffic congestion.  This second annual festival will also show residents and visitors what an ecomobile future would look like in the city.

Although some commuters have expressed doubt and criticism about how the festival will affect them during this, Operations Manager for Mobility and Freight from the Johannesburg Roads Agency said, “We are not closing down Sandton, we are changing the way you move in Sandton.” It is hoped that this initiative will help reduce carbon emissions.

Throughout the duration of the festival, people will be given a chance to explore the Ecomobility World Exhibition set up at the Sandton Gautrain station, hosting over 30 national and international exhibitors and interactive display of mobility and ecomobility.  

parks tau ecomobility
Johannesburg Mayor Parks Tau and Hollywood actor Danny Glover. Picture courtesy of TIMESLive

Visitors will have an opportunity to learn about the history of South African transport through an interactive walking experience with a designated volunteer. This exciting walking experience not only comes with a transport history lesson but includes playing hopscotch, playing with toytrains among other fun activities at no charge.

“We are proud of the citizens of Johannesburg for having taken such a landmark decision and for showing the world that urban transportation need not be reliant on fossil fuel vehicles. The city leadership in Johannesburg has made a commendable decision in choosing to provide a people-friendly urban transport system,” concludes  ICLEI Secretary General Gino Van Begin.

This is a great initiative and it’s certainly a step in the right direction towards building an ecomobile future.  If you’re around Johannesburg, be sure to check out the exhibition and tell us how the experience was for you.