CardioPad, cardiovascular healthcare for patients living in remote areas


Himore Medical in Cameroon has designed CardioPad, this is a wireless solution that enables the efficient monitoring of cardiovascular diseases. This is the first company on the continent to manufacture a medical tablet capable of changing and saving the lives of patients in rural areas. Himore Medical is a company that specialises in creating medical devices that allow patients to be treated remotely.

This CardioPad is a touchscreen tablet which is smaller than most conventional tablets and it is easy to operate. It includes a set of four wireless electrodes and a sensor that is attached to the patient’s chest; this generates a signal, which is then transmitted via Bluetooth to the tablet. A digitized electrocardiogram (ECG) of the patient’s heart function is then taken and transmitted through a mobile network to a second CardioPad device – situated in a city hospital – where a registered cardiologist can make a diagnosis.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, healthcare systems face a number of formidable challenges as there are limited energy resources and inaccessibility to medical facilities, limited government funding and high costs that place tremendous strain on the healthcare system as a whole.

With the high rate of diseases, 25% in the region, it only has 3% of the world’s doctors. It has a physician to population ration of only 13:100,000.

Another problem in the region is the accessibility of healthcare, patients have to travel long distances in order to access treatment when ill, this is costly and time consuming. The regions infrastructure is also a key factor as the area is underdeveloped. State emergency vehicles find it challenging to transport patients and to gain access of those still living in the most remote areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. Reports released by the World Bank state that, only one third of Sub-Saharan Africa’s rural population lives within 2km of fully paved road systems.

The power infrastructure also makes it difficult for people to be treated accordingly, as there are frequent power cuts, hospitals and clinics experience difficulties in effectively delivering adequate services.Cardiopad brings heart health to remote Cameroon communities

With a growing number of people in Africa suffering from HIV/AIDS, the epidemic makes it more difficult for the regions administrators to recover the general health of its people, the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS has placed additional pressure on other related illnesses, such as tuberculosis (TB), pneumonia, diarrhea, and malnutrition. The increase of these diseases increases the demand in hospitals for beds, food, and care. This means that it also affects the quality of treatment from doctors and nurses.

Having Himore Medical in Cameroon design the CardioPad, could be a solution to many things, as the CardioPad provides improved access to cardiovascular healthcare for patients living in remote areas. Most cardiovascular specialists practice in the city of Cameroon, and people from the remote areas get to the city with difficulty.

The CardioPad is a pioneering product that addresses the low doctor to patient ratio by enabling the successful examination of patients for CVD, remotely.

With such inventions, this could be the start of change in these African countries and many lives could be saved.