Meet Yamaha’s Motobot: The robot that drives a motorcycle


yamaha-motobot-motorcycle-riding-robot-10From self-driving cars to robots performing surgeries on humans, you honestly never know what to expect when it comes to innovation and gadgets.  This one certainly took me by surprise, Yamaha’s Motobot- a robot designed to ride superbikes.

The humanoid motorcycle-riding robot was revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show and is designed to ride the same way a person would.

According to Yamaha, the technologies developed in the process will be used in future product development and testing. That includes both the creation of safer and better performing motorbikes and the future development of other autonomous robots.

“I am not human, but there has to be something only I am capable of,” exclaims Motobot in a video posted by the company.  The machine is created to react to data from the motorbike’s internal sensors such as speed, engine RPM and attitude- making it as competitive as any entrant on the motor show.

Yamaha also revealed plans to develop Motobot in the few coming years.  The company plans to add machine learning capabilities to allow the robot to make its own choices when it comes to deciding on the best lanes to use on the racetrack.  Motobot will also come with GPS in the next 5 years and it will also be able to drive other vehicles.

What’s next? Robots entering beauty pageants? Anything is possible! We wish Motobot all the success in the motor show competition.  Go Yamaha!