390KW Hydro-Electricity Project For Western Rwanda


13550499Rwandan communities set to be the latest to benefit from hydro-power electricity, the advances come after Practical Action Consulting and East Africa Power launched the Rabagabaga Hydro-Power project in Western Rwanda which will make use of decentralised energy technology.

According to Mahlon kyomuhendo, the Project manager at Practical Action Consulting, ” the portion of actual revenue generated on this project and also the electricity will be powered back to the village, where the people of the community are going to benefit”

The Rubagabaga project will see the construction and operation of a 390 KW Hydro-power plant in the districts of Ngororero and Nyabihu. The construction has been giving 16 months until its completion with a few more set for administration such as commissioning.

Kyomuhendo believes that the construction industry can form formidable partnerships with companies when such projects are being done

”Access to energy is quite broad, be it the rural or the urban areas but again if we really look at this deeply and analyse or assess this, there are a lot of companies that really complement each other.”

Rwanda’s Energy Plans:

Rwanda and the climate investment fund are celebrating the country’s renewable energy endorsement plan, which is under the Climate investment fund’s dedicated fund for ‘Scaling Up Renewable Energy in Low Countries Program. (SREP).

The funding to the amount of $50 million will help with developing financially sustainable markets for the private sector provision of off-grid electricity service in Rwanda.

Senior SREP Coordinator, Zhihong Zhang says ”Rwanda has a very ambitious target of electrification through both on-grid and off-grid solutions. SREP support will target the development of off-grid energy markets to help bring electricity to unserved communities in rural areas”

Director of the Energy Division from the Ministry of Infrastructure in Rwanda, Robert Nyavumba explained the potential of the SREP endorsement of the sustainability which will come with the deal.