African’s version of Adele’s ‘Hello’, hits 1M views


British talent Adele has managed to blow us away once more with her notorious return into the music industry by releasing her hit single, “Hello”. The multiple Grammy Award winner Adele released her single on Youtube and iTunes about 3 weeks ago, it is now sitting on a staggering 380 + million views on Youtube and broke the record when it hit 1M downloads on debut week. It is no surprise as this is just how Adele rolls, she just keeps the hits coming.

Since the release of ‘Hello’, we have seen many cover versions of the song being posted all over social media, even having some parody’s on Facebook by the public and also celebrities such as Tyler Perry who released Madea’s ‘Helluuuurr’, Madea’s version of the song.

We are proud to say that once again Africa was not left behind, we managed to ride that wave and one of our very own Tapiwa ‘Taps’ Mugadza from Zimbabwe has managed to represent the continent well.

Zimbabwean singer recently made the news when his version of the song hit over 1M views on Youtube, and he was also dubbed as US channel E! Entertainment’s top 3 cover versions recently. Taps immediately went on Facebook to thank his fans for the support, he said “We actually did it people… We really did it… My first million views. This will be a day I remember. I could of never done this without all of you. God bless you all.”

Having grown up as an orphan, Taps grew up with a great passion for music and gained recognition for the first time as a singer when he entered a talent competition. Taps now lives in the US as a result of a competition he won that afforded him the opportunity to study Contemporary Music in Hollywood. He delivers this song with great emotion and unbelieveable talent, we are proud of Tapiwa for showing the world what Africans are made of.

Shine mo Afrika shine!!!!