Company turning Air into Water gives SA hope


water-flowingAs the water crisis in South Africa escalates, innovators are already looking into ways to combat water-shedding and to ensure that every household has enough water supply.  While most will focus on the crisis itself and how “impossible” it seems to turn the situation around, South African based company turning air into water is proving that the current water crisis- with enough support from authorities- can be fixed.

Yes, you heard right, air can be turned into water- who would have thought? The solution to water challenges surrounds us every day.

Named Water from Air, the company has so far sold over 350 machines within the last 3 months.  These “magical” machines effectively suck in air, cool it and use the air compression to create drinkable, purified water.

Any attempt to solve the water crisis the country is facing requires South Africans to think out of the box and come up with ideas that are practical and sustainable.  This is what makes this initiative outstanding- not only is it sustainable but thwater3e machines also uses cutting edge technology without using any of the country’s water resources.

Water from Air has also made home units available, allowing people even in the far-to-reach areas to enjoy the benefits of the machines in the comfort of their own homes.

The Durban-based company is currently looking for investors. Features of the machine include a water leakage detector, electronic sensors, energy saving structures and condensing coils, to name a few.

This is the ideal solution to the watershed challenge. If authorities could come on board and support the initiative, these machines would make a huge difference in the country which currently has five provinces declared water crisis areas.  We applaud the team from Water from Air.  Now this is “making it rain”, literally!