Jonga, a low cost alarm system for townships


Crime is one of the biggest hurdles that still plagues us as a country, house burglaries are usually pinned as something that mostly happens in urban areas. This is not true, many people in townships also get burgled and robbed on a daily basis. In townships, most people have to travel for long hours to and from work usually using public transport. As a result, home owners leave their abodes for many odd hours, relying on their neighbours for keeping an eye on their belongings as alarm systems currently on the market are expensive to install and maintain.

jonga-03Jonga, a Cape Town start up has created a low cost alarm system that is meant to work in informal settlements. Jonga which means ‘watch’ in isiXhosa is a security system that alerts a home owner via their cellphone when there is an intrusion and affords them an option of either forwarding the notification to their neighbours or dismissing the notice.

For many years members of the community have been a part of the ‘community neighbourhood watch’ where the community gets involved when there is crime in the area. This unfortunetly results in the community taking matters into their own hands, but with Jonga, this notice also gives the home owner time to call the police to notify them of the intrusion.

The system consists of sensors that are found at possible entry points  in the house and a transmission unit. When an intruder tries to break into the house the sensors trigger an alert command in the transmission unit, this will then send a notification to the home owner’s cellphone.

Jonga is crowdsourcing mainly because they feel this is a project that would help communities and would like everyone to get involved. They have currently raised R11k and have a target of R80k which they are hoping will be reached soon before their deadline.

The aim is to have as many homes connected to this network in an area as possible, this will allow for much safer neighbourhoods in South Africa.

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