The Team Changing the face of Transportation in Nigeria


mini3While some would argue that Nigeria’s transport system is not the worst in the world, some have described it as a nightmare because of the overloads and the reckless driving.  In an attempt to change the face of transportation in the country, seven students from the Nnamdi Azikwe University (UNIZIK) in Nigeria have joined forces to build a minibus, tailor made for Nigerian roads.

According to a study included in the International Journal of Development and Sustainability by OM Solanke,  urban transport challenges in Nigeria today include traffic congestion, parking problems, accidents and environmental pollution. In the major cities, vehicles are seen crawling on the roads especially in both the morning and evening peak periods. This results in daily loss of time and energy in many urban centres.

Offering better fuel conservation and improved seating arrangements, the bus was proudly manufactured using locally sourced materials. This group of young, innovative minds was looking for a way to use human engineering to improve the current standards of the existing “taxi” buses. The revamped minibus was made using computer-aided design and CADD software.

The students are supported by the local government as well as the university.  It is hoped that the model will be adopted and that the country will be manufacturing more of these environmentally friendly buses.

There’s still a long way to go before the challenges of transportation in the country can be permanently dealt with but this is a noteworthy step that has proved that young people are indeed the future! Ideas for improving lifestyles in the continent lie in the hands of the youth.