Innovation for Kids: A handy tool that turns toys into storytellers


oliba3Every mother knows the struggle of trying to locate their child’s misplaced toy- whether it’s their favourite doll or cuddly bear, you won’t rest until you find it.  Your efforts to locating it are not only based on the child’s interest but let’s face it, it’s that one toy that also gives you peace of mind.  What if I told you that those long periods of searching for a misplaced toy are OVER?

French startup Oliba to the rescue! They’ve designed probably what is one of the smartest tools in the history of toys, an owl-shaped tracker that uses Bluetooth technology to let people find toys using their smartphones.  This oh-so-cool tracker, also called Oliba, has a built-in night-light making it even more convenient to locate at night. All you need to do is tie it around the toy and it’s goodbye to the long dreaded search hunts and hello peaceful days.

As if that’s not enough, Oliba also works as a storytelling device.  Storytelling is a beautiful bonding moment for 123944-oliba-toy-trackerevery parent and child but why not try something different for one night by letting Oliba do the honours while you cuddle with your child. Simply pick a story from Aliba’s library within the smartphone app and you’re good to go! Your child can listen to the story you’ve chosen anytime, anywhere without the phone.

Oliba works with iOS and Android devices, is machine washable, and can store up to 10 songs and stories. It will cost only cost you $35 on Indiegogo and is conveniently available for shipping worldwide.

With Christmas coming up in a few weeks, this couldn’t have come at a better time.  It’s the ideal gift for toddlers. Happy shopping!