Introducing cSound: View your heart in 4D


heart-beat-in-extreme-4D-1It’s always exciting to see innovations being used to improve the health sector, this means more accurate diagnostics thus resulting in more lives being saved.  UK-based GE Healthcare has undoubtedly been in the forefront when it comes to providing solutions that are of global benefit in the health sector.

It comes as no surprise that the company recently developed a new ultrasound software, called cSound, which allows cardiologists to see the human heart in 4D.  The first of its kind, this innovative software gives specialists a clear view of how blood twirls around clots in veins.

“Traditionally, ultrasound has allowed us to see the heart but not in as much detail as we might like.  We used the signal to image the heart layer by layer, almost like a butcher using a knife, and then mentally splice the layers together to see the whole picture.  The process has always involved some guesses,” explained cardiologist Bijoy Khandheria to the GE Report.

The software captures breath-taking shots of the organ, giving doctors a clear view of each patient’s heart – meaning there’s no more room for guessing or giving an inaccurate diagnosis.

Millions of people suffer from heart failure around the world but the main issue most of the time lies with the cardiologists’ inability to determine the actual cause of the problem, resulting in additional tests which is time-consuming and the process becomes a financial burden. The technology used in developing this software makes it possible for specialists to see differences in heart tissue, showing moving realistic representations of the human heart.

“I can use it to measure the severity of blood leakage around the valves and assess the damage,” added Khandheira. “It’s almost as if I took out the valve and started turning it with my hands. This is valuable information for the surgeons when they are preparing for an operation.”

The software is already being used in the US and has helped a large number of patients so far.

We can’t wait for the software to be used in hospitals in the continent as well.  Innovations improving global health, we love it!