28-year old South African physicist invents charging bag


Shalton-Mothwa1The sky is not the limit for young South African nuclear physicist Shalton Mothwa, who is currently on a mission to introduce new mobile charging technology to the country.  Born in the rural North-West Province, this young entrepreneur is certainly reaching for the stars, determined to make a name for himself in the Science and Technology sector.

Picture this, your phone charging in your bag as you get on with your day to day activities- that is the vision behind Shalton Mothwa’s power bag. Mothwa’s invention is basically a laptop bag that will enable people to charge their mobile phones using Wi-Fi and telecommunication signals.

The young physicist took part in the RedBull Amaphiko Academy where his AEON charging bag caught the attention of fellow entrepreneurs and other innovators. RedBull describes Amaphiko as a collaborative platform for social entrepreneurs who want to change their corner of the world.

Growing up, Mothwa was always curious about how things in the universe work and why things are the way they Mothwaare.  That curiosity led him to pursue a career in the Sciences and well, a decade later- that turned into him holding a BSc in Electronics and Physics from the North West University and a BSc Honours in Applied Nuclear Physics endorsed with Project Management and Risk Analysis from the University of Johannesburg.

Mothwa and his team are currently in search for plus minus R950 000 in funding for the product to be brought to market.  He is confident that the product will be well received in the country, because of the convenience it offers people.

The continent is in need of more innovators such as Shalton who are driven by problem solving, we cannot wait to see his product being available worldwide.