Clothing Innovations: Ladies, this skirt lets you pee while standing


skirtLadies, we all know the unfortunate experience of having to answer to the call of nature while travelling long distances with no toilet facilities nearby.  This innovative skirt promises that there will be no more of those embarrassing moments of having to hide behind car doors or being forced to wait uncomfortably for the next toilet stop.  Invented by a woman runner, the skirt allows you to pee without having to pull down your pants.

What started as an April fools’ joke by active-wear company Skirt Sports on women ended up working as a market research experiment which saw thousands of women buying into the idea and pleading for the company to make the skirt a reality.  Today, it is a reality.


The Gotta Go Running Skirt looks like a normal tennis skirt but underneath is a “trapdoor” that unsnaps. Either stand and pee or squat and pee, the choice is yours. All you do is subtly lift up the skirt and you’re good to go.

Speaking to Women Running, Skirt Sports founder Nicole DeBoom said, “The design means no more flashing the world or losing time doing the struggle dance to get a skirt back on over your sweaty ass.” The Kickstarter campaign behind the skirt has already raised over $28k of its $35k goal.

We hope that ladies, especially runners, will support this initiative by Skirt Sports.