The App that pays you for walking…


walking2If walking isn’t your favourite thing to do, that’s all about to change soon.  If keeping fit and healthy wasn’t motivation enough for you to walk, maybe being paid to walk will get you moving.  Founded by the Nissan Bahar from Israel and Frank Imbesi from Italy, the Go! app will not only be offered in the UK and Japan but in two of our very own African countries, Malawi and Kenya.

Let’s think about this for a while.  Not only will this be a useful tool in combating the current issue of traffic congestion in Kenya, but it will reward those who walk long distances in Malawi just to get access to basic services.

The founders have launched a new digital crypto-currency generated by human movement called Bitwalking dollars.  Using GPS and Wi-Fi, the smartphone app calculates and verifies a person’s steps- with walkers making one Bitwalking (BW) dollar for every 8km.  Users can spend their earnings in an online store or they can choose to exchange their BW dollars for money.

The project has thus far attracted more than $10 million of funding to help launch the currency and to make it possible to verify steps and transfers.

It is hoped that this app with transform lives in underdeveloped countries, considering the distances residents walk to fetch water, go to school or work on a daily basis.

An app that will not only motivate people to exercise by walking but helping people find a source of income too- definitely one of the best ideas for a smartphone app.