M-Paper: Bringing a world of news to people’s fingertips


mPaper 1As we get ready to wrap up what has been an amazing, innovative year in the continent and welcome a new year filled with new possibilities, we take a look at the innovations that have been helping people live conveniently in their respective countries.  It is also worth noting that these innovations are a result of African innovators’ commitment to bring technology to the masses, narrowing the tech gap with their innovative ideas and inventions.

This is the case for Tanzania’s M-Paper, a mobile app that allows users to subscribe to and access entire issues of different magazines, newspapers and books on their mobile devices.

mpaper2Let’s admit it, as much as we love the feel of an old traditional newspaper- there are times when our schedules simply don’t allow us the time to get one and by the time you’re able to buy one, issues have been sold out.  As much as traditional newspapers are doing their best to get enough content online, most of their websites will often give you snippets and will refer you to the actual hardcopy.  Digital news reach and engage readers faster and more conveniently.

In Tanzania, infrastructure alone hinders the distribution of newspapers hence it is no surprise that this new way of reading news has become such a huge success in the country.  M-paper is ensuring that every citizen, regardless of their location, is updated with current affairs by bringing a digital version directly to their mobile phones.

The app currently has over 40 newspapers registered with them including two of the best-selling papers in the country, namely The Citizen and Habari Leo. Tanzanians can download the app on Google Play store, available on all android phones.  M-Paper has already attracted thousands of people and recently scooped the Apps Africa Innovation Award in South Africa.

If you’re in Tanzania, tweet to us and tell us how the app is making your life convenient.  Well done to the team behind the app for changing the way Tanzanians read and access current news.